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Top Definition - Gooch Assasin

A 'Gooch Assasin' is a man who takes pleasure in hand slapping the gooch of another man. A gooch assasin may or may not have acutal ninja skills. There are a particularly disturbing comunity of Gooch assasins who attack their prey when showering. A perjorative term used to describe someone of the same gender who has invaded your personal space.
The Gooch Assassins has managed to remain a true hardcore FPS for all generations. Our long standing Day of Defeat server with qualified admins has been improved and guarantees fun gameplay. We have added a new Days of War server and are looking for the next gen of loyal gamers to play on a regular basis, get involved and become a member to one of the oldest and best Communities around.

We offer custom content including maps and sounds, solid core of admins are always available to keep your gaming experience as fun and enjoyable as possible. Check us out and make us your favorite game server!

Gooch Assasins DOD Game Server

Join us for some social time on our custom content DODS server.

[GA]GoochAssassins - Custom Maps Port: 27015

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Gooch Assassins Donation

Member and Pubs alike - Please help to keep the Gooch Clan going! Any amount is greatly appreciated!

War Thunder

You will find a core group of players in War Thunder - Play with us and join the Gooch Squadron!

Fresh Gameplay

Check out some of Gooch Assassins most outrages gameplay sequences!

GA Members - $30 Donation will get you a dedicated Bio on "Know you Gooch!"

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Gooch Assassins Clan Stats

Track daily Gooch Spankings! All server statics can be broken down using HLStats which are updated and accurate. Enjoy.

Awards System

Coming Soon - Awards for spanking your fellow Gooches!


Coming Soon - Quarterly prizes to be distributed. Gooch Needs Donations!!

Bragging Rights

Stats tell the story - if you don't want the taunts - kill them and get better stats!

Gooch Assassins Admin Sourcebans

  Gooch Admins - Log in here to manage all Gooch related bans

  If you wish to dispute a ban - click button to use sourcebans tool

Pub Rules

No disrespect AT ALL. This includes racism, disrespecting admins, players, and hating on peoples dialects.

No hacking or scripting or exploiting.

No mods that will give you an advantage in the game

No mic spamming, radio spamming, or text spamming.

Be Cool - Have fun!

Admin Rules

No disrespecting other Admins - AT ALL. This includes in front of Members/Pubs - work together as a team!.

If you are unable to see eye to eye with another player - handle in private

No exploiting or abusing privileges - they will be revoked!

When banning - Always get a second/third opinion - evidence and witnesses help your cause.

Live by Example - Have fun!


Donate to Gooch Assassins.

Send and email using the Contact Link, including the following:

Player name, donation amount, interest in being recruited and reason why!

Play on the server and be a regular. Chat it up with Admins ang get known

Dispute Ban

If you feel you have been wrongfully banned - follow process:

User the sourcebans tool to submit a request to be unbanned

Provide proof, explanation, and reason why you should be unbanned.

Gooch Assassins Public Rules (Forum & Server) – Last edited by Captain Rags on August 24, 2015

  • If you were given [GA] tags. you must wear you [GA] tags whenever playing on the gooch server. We understand and are a mulit-game playing server - just put your tags back on.

  • All sprays and avatar icons used on Gooch servers should be subject to discretion by admins. Final decisions on what is acceptable are left up to the admins in the server.

  • No foul, degrading, or racist remarks - banning will occurr immediately.

  • No inappropriate or disrespectful sprays or names.

  • No drug references in names, chat or sprays.

  • No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind.

  • No advertising in servers - you will be banned.

  • No names or sprays that advocate or oppose a political figure, political stance, religion or nation.

  • No website URLs in names, sprays or avatars.

  • No impersonating admins.

  • No arguing with, or pestering admins in-server.

  • Do not disrupt the server in any way, including disrespecting other players, mic spamming, spoofing.

  • Be aware of when younger players on the server and reduce foul language if needed. Gooch encourages younger players and should not use such language or behave in a disrespectful manner when young players are on the server.

  • Admins have final say in server!!

Gooch Custom Map list

Gooch always looking for great maps to play. If you know of one - please use the contact us email and provide the mapname, link to map, and review of the map.

Gooch Assasins Map Pack

Gooch Preferred and Stock Map Rotation


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map.

The map consists of several strategic places, including a Trainstation, Railways, Courtyard, and Houses.


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map.

The map consists of several strategic places, including a Church, Bridge, Sewer, and Bell Tower.


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map which was originally in Day of Defeat 1.3.

The map consists of several strategic places, including a Courtyard, Sniper Points, Buildings, and Church.


An official Day of Defeat: Source detonation map.

Snow map consists strategic planting points, Bridge Ammo Pickup, Buildings.


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map which was originally in Day of Defeat 1.3.

Classic map consisting strategic flag captures, includes a Sniperhouse, Susie House, Tank, Field, back alleys


Custom Detonation Map by [GA] Captain Rags.

Detonation map where Axis plants and Allies Defend, includes Trenches, Minefield, Artillery and Houses.


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map.

CTF map consisting of fast paced gameplay, Alleys, Sniper Points, Machine Gun Points.


Custom CTF Map

Oldie but a goodie! Rush the center and capture the bridge/points outside spawn locations!


An official Day of Defeat: Source detonation map which was originally in Day of Defeat 1.3.

The map consists of excellent strategic gameplay, Axis must plant targets including the HalfTrack, Tank, AA Gun.


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map.

Larger CTF snow map with even gameplay, including Sewers, Bridge, Tanks, Grain House.


Custom Map by [GA] Captain Rags.

Snow based CTF where you must detonate sewer walls to access middle of destroyed town. includes a Sewers, Damanged Buildings, Church.


Custom CTF Map originally in Day of Defeat 1.3.

Popular Scrim map - great balanced gamplay routes that promises fast and brutal gameplay! Fountain, Back Alley, Buildings


An official Day of Defeat: Source area capture map.

Created by Valve which is a remake of popular community map 'Salermo', it was released as part of a huge game update for Day of Defeat: Source.


Custom CTF Map - fixed spawn points.

great balanced routes that promises fast and fun gameplay! Fountain, Back Alley, Buildings, Trains, Houses.


Custom CTF Map

Beautifuly constructed well balanced map with many routes. Fast Flag caps makes for quick paced gameplay.


Custom CTF Map

Awesome CTF with a great gameplay for all - look for the hidden portal. Tank, Bridge, sniper points.


Custom CTF Map

Classis RC1 ported CSS CTF with fun gameplay for all - look for the hidden nooks and crannies. Dirka Dirka


Custom Map by [GA] Captain Rags.

Custom CTF with seamlessy even gameplay and many routes. includes a Sewers, Bridge, Tunnels, Hills and Houses

Recruitment / Contact Gooch Assassins

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Recruitment Processs: Play with the Gooch Assassins on a regular basis and get known. Donate and let an admin know. Stick around and have fun! Ask - You will get recruited

Gooch Assasins would love to hear from you - positives and negatives. Please keep all comments clean and respectful and any issues will be reviewed in a timely manner. For those interested - This is the first step to being recruited

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